Where do these doctors receive their hair transplant training if not in their original specialty?

Since all American doctors are licensed to perform surgery they are already trained, experienced, and competent in performing minor medical procedures. And that is exactly what a hair transplant is at its core: an in-office, minor medical procedure. All they need is some basic training in how hair transplantation is done and they should be able to perform them.

However, being able to perform a procedure and being able to perform a procedure WELL are two completely different things. Some doctors have a natural affinity for minor surgical procedures and the nuances of hair transplant surgery. Other simply don’t. So, how can you pick the right doctor?

Simple: view their profiles on HTW. See how much they participate in terms of ansering patient questions and posting their own results. If they participate at a high level AND you like what you see in their Before/After photos, then that’s the doctor you most likely want to put on your shortlist for consideration.

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There is more to consider – don’t forget about the importance of an experienced staff and facility.

Being a practicing hair transplant doctor is almost impossible without a competent and experience hair transplant staff. And it is here that most doctors wishing to get into the hair transplant field fall short. Finding, hiring, training, and maintaing a staff is very difficult an very expensive. Add to that the fact that the doctor needs a large facility to accommodate a large staff. It becomes evident very quickly that there are some high barriers to overcome if a doctor is going to perform modern quality hair transplantation.

The very best doctors in the hair transplant field have large offices with staff numbering from 4 to 12 for each and every surgery. It is these kinds of doctors that made hair transplantation into the hugely successful field it has beomce since the late 1980s.